Get Paid To Like And Follow manages an ever growing network of Facebook and Twitter accounts for clients from all over the world, including, celebrities, fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and private individuals, all willing to pay you, for supporting their social networking pages and websites.

That's Right! You heard it correctly! Now with our unique platform, you can earn cash for doing exactly what you already love to do!

You can get paid to follow other users on Twitter! You can get paid to "Like" Facebook Fan pages! and you can even earn money for viewing websites within our network!

With GPTLAF there is no limit to how much money you can make. You can work at your own pace, earning as much or as little as you want. You can even use multiple Twitter accounts to increase your earnings.

Typical payout per like, follow, or view, ranges between .01 and .05 cents per action. Not bad, considering some GPTC sites pay up to .05 cents as well, but expect you to do anywhere from thirty seconds to 5 minutes worth of work!

On our network you simply "Like" Follow, View, and Get Paid!

So join our elite team, and begin turning all of those hours spent on Facebook and Twitter into dollars today!

How It Works?

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Sign In to your GPTLAF account and begin earning cash by following others on Twitter, for "Liking" Facebook Fan pages, and for viewing websites.
Reach the "easy to achieve" $10.00 pay out threshold, Request payment, and Get paid! It's that easy!
All Payments will be issued securely through Paypal.
It Doesn't get any easier than that! "Like" Follow, View, Get Paid!
Please visit our Faq page for detailed information and GPTLAF policies.

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Every member will get $5 free bonus for signup, bonus will be added at first minimum cashout reach.

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