Terms Of Service

These are the terms and conditions of Get Paid To Like And Follow. These Terms are subject to change without notice, we reserve the right to update and or change these terms and conditions at any time.

This is a contract between you and the website Get Paid To Like and Follow or (GPTLAF). In order to become a registered user and have full access to our products and services you will first need to completely agree to all our terms and conditions. Please note that this is a Legal Agreement between you and GPTLAF, a trading name of Northcoast Web Services LLC.

GPTLAF reserves the right to hand over personal information to any government body such as but not limited your Name, Address and content details such as email address and phone numbers, GPTLAF has a legal requirement to hand over this information in the event of legal action arising from any activity connected to GPTLAF or one of our brands.

GPTLAF is committed to combat fraud on its network. For this reason, you may only have one GPTLAF account per each Paypal account. If you have an active account and attempt to open a second, you run the risk of losing both accounts together with any funds held in these accounts.

You must never attempt, use or sign into another users account. Any attempt by you to gain access to another users account can lead to your account being terminated.

You must be at least 18 years old and over to create an account at GPTLAF.

You must supply a valid email address, this is a requirement for the life of your partnership contract with GPTLAF for security reasons you must be contactable via email at all times.

All the information you submit to GPTLAF must be accurate and valid. If for any reason you have supplied false or inaccurate information your account will be terminated without warning.

You should never share your personal login information. GPTLAF will not be held responsible for any loss of earnings, information or damage however caused as a consequence of your information being acquired by a 3rd Party. GPTLAF will never contact you via email, phone or post for your personal account information. GPTLAF has full access to your account to make any required changes. GPTLAF will never ask you for sensitive information via 3rd party communication.

You may be contacted by GPTLAF via your email address about changes to our website or services. GPTLAF may also contact you about new products and services from Northcoast Web Services LLC.

GPTLAF has no control of websites it links to and as such cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage however caused. This includes, but is not limited to, data, personal belongings, damage, and loss of earnings or information. This includes gateway links and offer/ad links.

All income earned from GPTLAF is taxable income; you should therefore consult and abide by the tax laws of the country you reside in. GPTLAF will not be held liable for any income/earnings generated by users of its program or website.

You are not allowed to promote your referral link on websites that are owned by Northcoast Web Services LLC. For example, if you are found to be promoting your links though our website your links will be removed and you'll lose all your referrals.

We do not accept links to sites that contain: pornography or sexual content, viruses, discriminatory/hate-based websites, illegal drugs/pharmaceuticals or anything we find or believe to be illegal/offensive.

GPTLAF will not be held responsible for any loss of earnings, information, or damage to Twitter/Facebook accounts however caused as a consequence of using our website.

GPTLAF reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and without notice. It is your responsibility to check, agree and abide by the latest GPTLAF terms and conditions. If you do not agree with these Terms of Service, then please do not use our website.

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